Cotton Rag Art

Color, saturated and elemental, is where Margo's mind expands to fantasy. Working with paper, she invests the pulps with pigments that draw out an emotional response to the marvels of God's creativity in nature and in the human heart. She is also fond of exercises in neutrals, letting the purity of the paper become a foil for warm digressions of beige and browns.

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"Rag" is a paper maker's term dating back to the 15th century when cotton rags and trimmings were the principal raw materials used for paper making. The term continues to be used to describe papers and boards made of 100% cotton fiber.

The Gutenberg Bible, the drawings of Renaissance masters, Shakespeare's first folio, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights exist today because they were printed or penned on cotton fiber paper.

Cotton fiber paper is specified for currency, stock certificates and government documents because of its permanence. Cotton is used to make the finest type of paper and mat boards because it is the purest form of natural cellulose.

Rag is strong, requires less processing, has a history of performance and it is an annually renewable resource, making it a better product for our planet. Both Rag and Rag "100" are 100% Cotton Fiber.