Bronze Sculpture

Margo Marlow Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture by artist Margo Marlow focuses on the true tradition of bronze sculpting techniques... Lost wax method, or casting, is an ancient process dating back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

It is still the best method for capturing exquisite detail in metal objects, which could not otherwise be produced given the complexity of their design. This process allows anything modeled in wax to be recreated fully and faithfully into various metals. The lost wax method is still employed today in the areas of sculpture, fine jewelry, restorative work in dentistry and in the industrial setting. It is a demanding and expensive process, but rewards the artisan & collector with an object of great detail and individuality.

Margo Marlow's sculpture also uses a very special Blue Patina. The Patina technique is a complex process and is applied by hand with a stipple brush method. The Blue Patina is one of the most difficult methods and creates a beautiful finish for bronze sculpture.

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